After a very sleepless night looking up building code regulations, D. and I decided we just weren’t comfortable with the state of the apartment we had intended to move into. Even if the landlord agreed to fix visible problems in our unit, it left us with a lot of concerns about the wiring throughout the building – and fixing the problem to our satisfaction would be, we figured, a massive investment of time and money on the landlord’s part.

So we met with him, were upfront with our feelings about the situation and reached a mutual agreement to end the lease.

On the good side, my current (two bedroom) apartment was still available, and my landlords agreed to let D. move in and were happy to keep us there.

We have a little readjusting to do, but I’d say overall we’re both really pleased and relieved with this outcome, and with the money we’re saving  we’re ready to make the old place a home we can both be happy in for the coming year.

Thanks for the comments and support – the blog should be back in full swing next week!

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  1. YIPPEE!!!!!! A very happy outcome….financially, emotionally, and safety-wise.

    Now you get to unpack in the same place you packed….hee, hee, hee. Don’t you just hate a smartaleck?!?! Hey, you needed to purge unneeded stuff anyway and this way you actually got it done (helped make room for D)!


    Mary of Brush It On

  2. What an ordeal you’ve had to go through and my heart really goes out to you both. It’s strange how things work out though and I do believe life has a way of delivering things as they should be.

    I’m so happy it’s all worked out for you and here’s wishing you both tons of happiness in your new/old home!♥

  3. Things will always work out, if you just let it happen.

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