Pot Sale!

We had our massive pottery sale funderaiser for my studio today. We had hundreds, upon hundreds, of donated pots for sale filling every available surface, nook and cranny. It was a great success, not to mention a ton of work, and D. and I are both whooped.

But, as usual, we managed to score a few goodies for unbelievably cheap (being a volunteer has it’s advantages: First dibs!). This year I was determined not to spend any money, but I just couldn’t help grabbing a beautiful Naomi Cleary platter that I spotted. (The one pictured above is not the same one I nabbed – I left that at the studio for now.)

I know it’s going to look fabulous in our new apartment!

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Hoo boy, getting ready for a move is tough.

I tried to go through just one closet tonight and throw out junk I don’t want… it’s harder than it first appears. Sure, the old 2008 calendar is an easy decision. But what about the perfectly good but garishly colored bedsheet, an unidentified computer hard-drive or your mom’s antique, hand-woven but worn rug that you no long longer have room for?

Still, I managed to take out about 10 garbage bags full of trash (I swear it reproduces in dark corners), so I still feel ahead of the game. A little less than a month to go….

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Moving forward


I’m still feeling under the weather, so here’s another project from my Adobe Illustrator class. I sampled colors from a photo of a tulip and drew these with gradient meshs and lots of parts put together.  It was really a thrill to see how nice they looked at the end! I can believe I can “draw” like that!

I printed this out and gave a copy to D., who was pretty impressed. Happy Spring!

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Not feeling real well today… I’ve been going non-stop for the past few weeks, and I have a feeling my tonsals are getting ready to stop me in my tracks, whether I like it or not…

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