New work

I know it’s been a while since I listed new work on Etsy, but things are finally starting to grind back into gear.

Here are a couple of new teabowls I made recently – I especially like the shape and the distinct “throwing lines” left by my fingers as I pull up on the clay!

Published in: on July 7, 2009 at 10:56 pm  Comments (5)  

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  1. They are Beautiful!! I agree, the throwing lines give them a wonderful effect when the light hits them. I also really like the color. Very nicely done. Thank you for sharing……. 🙂

    Mary of Brush It On

  2. beautiful tea cups, lovely glaze

  3. Oooo, I like these.

  4. I absolutely LOVE the new color you’re using – so warm and rich!!

    • Thanks for all the kind words about the cups!

      It’s actually not a new glaze, it’s just a natural variation in my normal glaze because of some differences in the kiln firing. Each firing is unique, and that’s what makes ceramics really exciting! (And sometimes frustrating!)

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