Fun and Flowers

Wow, those teabowls were snatched up quick! Nice! Guess I know what I need to make more of…

Also new is this little vase with some whimsical flower stamps I was playing with! I like this because it was a little fooling around and fun for me.

As far as the glaze on these pieces goes – it’s actually the same as all my other more “honey” colored pieces! It’s just a little different color due to the natural differences in each kiln firing. This particular firing came out a very rich, dark color – almost a black, with white/gold highlights just on the ridges.  All the variations you can get, just from the flames in the kiln, are part of what makes pottery a lot of fun (and occasionally frustrating!).

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  2. Delightfully whimsical….one of my favorites!! No wonder they fly off the shelf. 🙂

    Mary of Brush It On

  3. I’m not surprised those teabowls sold so fast. They’re spectacular, and on my wish list.

    Love the flower stamp. Hmmm, flowers on a teabowl….

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