Head Exploding

As D. and I redesign my work space, we are improving my photo setup too. He’s re-working my homemade lightbox a bit, and I went out and bought a professional photography background for just about $35. I’m eyeing up some camera tripods on Craigslist, and the obvious next question is…. Camera upgrade?

My current camera is a real challenge to focus at macro settings, and I want something that will give me really close-up, really crisp hi-res images. Maybe with the potential for doing some print postcards and posters using my nifty new InDesign skills.

But I’ve been doing some research and my brain is swimming. To SLR or not to SLR? New or used? How many megapixels? What kind of lenses? What kind of macro settings do I need? How heavy do I want? What brand? Do I want to connect directly to my computer while I take the shots?

And, most importantly, can I get what I want and still afford to eat afterwards?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great!

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  1. Just got a Panasonic dmc-fz28, and I love it. The intelligent auto mode automatically detects the light, setting, zooms… and takes delightful pictures. Check out my flickr (www.flickr.com/photos/notengomiedo) and look at Liz & Han’s wedding, which were all taken with that camera for examples (there are even some close-ups of flowers, and also some new greenware shots in that folder too). cost about 300 on amazon.

  2. Hi Amy, I know what you are going through as far as picking out a new camera. I had to do the same thing at the end of May when I wore out the motor on my Sony. I wrote a few posts about what I found out about the different camera and info about the one I ended up getting.


    Hope it’s helpful to you 🙂 Alison

    • Thanks for all the suggestions – I’ll have to look at the pics when I get home, since my work computer has a really wonky display…

  3. Since I have nothing to add that would be of help, I’ll just say; Thank You to Amanda and Alison for sharing.

    I’m off to check out their info!!

    Mary of Brush It On

  4. I have a Canon Digital Rebel SLR and I pretty much love it to death. I am still learning how to use it properly, and there are plenty of things that I know I’m doing wrong, but it has a lot of flexibility when it comes to taking different kinds of shots. If photography is also a hobby for you, I’d consider it worth it for the multi-use. The only downside is that it can’t take video, although I believe there are newer versions that can.
    If you’re like me, this is the kind of purchase that you’ll be making use of for years and years to come, so it’s worth investing in something quality that’s going to last.

  5. I’m sure you’re factoring into your decision the fact that if you don’t sell or otherwise get rid of your current camera, you can continue to use it for what it does well. This may have an impact on your new choice which then only needs to fill the holes left by the Casio.

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