Pool party!

Thanks for all the great suggestions about the camera! I loved looking through all the awesome pictures, and it’s so hard to choose!  I’m leaning towards the Canon Rebel right now, just because I’ve heard so much good about it and it can be upgraded with new lenses. I am going to be signing up for a digital photography course, so it would be great to take advantage of that and really learn how to use an SLR.  On top of that, I see it most often advertised used on Craigslist for several hundred dollars below the retail  price – I can possibly even score a deal that comes with a macro lens or a tripod!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately – last night I met up with my girlfriends and we had a pool party out at one friend’s grandma’s outdoor pool. It was so fun, with a bunch of girls, a box of pizza and a bottle of white wine! One of my friends is leaving for Costa Rica for a couple of weeks, so we got to see her off, too.  Poor D. was fast asleep by the time I got home, but it was a blast!

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  1. Time with just the girls is some of best spent time you can possibly have…..and next to a pool with pizza and wine??? Now, what could be better???

    Can’t wait to see pictures with your new camera (whatever you end up with). A photography class?? Very cool. I need a class on how to oranize my time so I can take some classes!!! 🙂

    Mary of Brush It On

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