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porcelain test

Okay folks, here are the results of my glaze testing! Now, you may be interested to know that all of these samples are the exact same glaze recipe. Yes, it’s gram for gram the same, except for tiny adjustments to the amounts of two colorants – Rutile and Iron. Some of these have a little more of one, or a little more of the other, or a balance between the two.

Above, you can see the results on test tiles made of porcelain clay (most of my current work is in porcelain). Below, you can see the dramatically different results these glazes give you on dark stoneware clay:

stoneware test

Personally, I’m leaning towards the recipe with 3% rutile and no iron at all. It looks good on porcelain AND stoneware, and I think the soft porcelain look would contrast nicely in a bowl or cup containing a bright glassy blue on the inside. It also has a beautiful almost “snowflake” crystallization going on:


It would look equally good on stoneware, albeit a much earthier, natural effect:


Some other close contenders include this iron heavy, reddish/black version:

iron test

And a matte, earthy green with a lovely texture:

green test

What I pick may wind up being my dominate glaze for a new holiday line of work. What do you think? Which are your favorites? Can’t stand one? Inquiring minds want to know!!

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  2. The glazes are rich and the variations bring out different elements in the textured areas. The textures enhance the crystallization effect of the glazes. The porcelain samples show quite a bit of variation & I prefer the 1st tile (closest to camera) and the 3rd tile because of its orange to black speckling apearance.

    My preferences on the stoneware (2nd photo): 1) the tile in the front because of the variations in color, light & darker green with bits of yellow/orange and 2) the color of the tile behind it on the left but it may be too thick & runny which obscures the texture (a cooler placement in the kiln or thinner application may reduce the runniness).

    The matte, earthy green in the last photo shows promise with the way the glaze breaks on the edges but again it obscures the texture.

    Suggestion: Try a light glaze on the inside & top of rim on the outside, then a contrasting glaze on the bottom 2/3-3/4 of the pot to see what the two glazes do where they overlap.

  3. I like all of the glazes on the porcelain. I’m not sure which I like best on the dark clay, maybe the dark reddish glaze or the green glaze.

  4. Unlike Harriet, who knows what she’s talking about… I can only tell you what appeals to me visually. I know nothing about glazes and numbers, etc. Don’t know what Rutile is….and the only iron I know about is the one that gets the wrinkles out of my clothes! LOL

    In the first two pictures I saw (before reading any text), I chose the ones that were in front. I liked them individually and I like them together. Yes, there are others that will go nicely with one another, but the two I mentioned are my favorites…. their colors and variations are so pleasing to my eye. Plus, these colors will go with any decor in any home. Hope this is helpful!! 🙂

    Mary of Brush It On

  5. Front two in the top pic are definitely my faves. The third one back is nice too, particularly the outlines the glaze created around the diamonds.

  6. second picture from the bottom is my favorite and the third from the bottom of the post (on the stoneware) is next choice. they’re all really nice though

  7. I absolutely love the “recipe with 3% rutile and no iron at all”! It’s a beautiful look on both and since you know I like giving your work as wedding gifts, this would be gorgeous! The darker red is also a nice change but I do love the first one I mentioned the most!

  8. Love the 3% rutile especially how it looks on porcelain. Liked it best before reading your choice.

  9. ‘nother vote for the 3% and no iron.

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