Sunny Philadelphia


I may, finally, be pulling myself up from my deep, dark pit of work. My fingers are clinging to the edge…it’s just one good pull, a last ounce of effort and I’ll be over the top.

It hasn’t been all back-breaking lately, though. The weather has been that perfect mix of sunny and low humidity that comes to Philadelphia once in a blue moon. Everyone is out on the street with their kids or their sweetheart…today I drove for a while behind a tiny octogenarian on an American-flag plastered scooter. I guess it was just a good day to go puttering around South Philly.

Around the block a church is holding a St. Padre Pio festival. Last night D. and I caved in to the sound of rock ‘n roll and the smell of funnel cakes wafting in our windows. We tossed our homework aside and went out to join the party. D. lost a fiver on a game of chance (it all goes to the church, right?) and I had some incredible burnt sugar gelato (think creme brulee in a cup).

D. has been taking lots of pictures walking around Philly lately, so here’s a little taste of our city…





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  1. Happy the fingertips are holding on!! Love the pictures…yes, it does give us a taste of Philly Hmm, A Taste of Philly is the name of one of my favorites places to eat here. They say their Philly cheese steak sandwiches are authentic as the owner is from Philly. Don’t know as I’ve never had one direct from Philly. Anyway, I would love to see your city in person some day and test one of those famous sandwiches for myself!!

    Did you see my second post under “It All Comes together”. Hope so as there is a site with a post about D’s exhibit. I sent her your blog url so she may already have written to you. Let me know!

    Mary of Brush It On 🙂

  2. OOPS!! You did find it…I should have checked before submitting my last post. Very cool that you found a nest…love it when things come together!!

    Mary of Brush It On

  3. Just checking in to see how life is in Sunny Phili… going great I hope!

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