This week, I took my camera down to an old local church building and talked them into unlocking the main sanctuary for me. It’s an amazing room but has been abandoned for decades. The walls are starting to crumble, the stained glass is punctured with holes and cobwebs hang off the carved wood pews. I felt like the explorer of some ancient ruins, sneaking around and trying to capture a shot of a beam of  light piercing the dust.

Unfortunately, it was very dark. So dark that most my photos are too blurry to show. But I guess it was a case-in-point lesson on shutter speeds, and now I know that I seriously have to start traveling with my tripod.




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  1. These pictures stir feelings of nostalgia, sadness and a desire to see more. Nostalgia…because I remember the stained glass of my very old church when I was a girl. Sadness…that the beauty of this church is being left to fade into lonely shadows. Desire…of the heart to see all the magical details created by craftsmen of days gone by.

    What an honor to have been allowed inside!!

    Mary of Brush It On

  2. I second the excruciating sadness of such a building falling into decay.

    A year or so ago I was looking into new lenses as a way to combat dark locations. I was told that lens speed would more or less negate the need for a flash. I haven’t bought a lens yet however, since I really don’t have time for photography.

  3. The photos that did come out sure turned out beautifully! You really captured the essence of such an old beautiful place.

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