Yes, the lame pun title is well-deserved.

You see, since the weather turned cold my littlest cat has made the top of my radio her favorite place to curl up and sleep. Several times now, D. or I have heard mysterious voices from the living room in the night – only to find that she’s turned on the radio and set the dial to some weird channel in between classical music and religious talk shows (maybe that’s what cats like to listen to at 3 a.m.?)

This past Sunday, both D. and I got up extra early and left for our weekend shifts at work. Not too long after, D. got several frantic calls from our landlord, demanding to know what in the world were doing that was so loud, it was waking up all our neighbors.


D. caught a cab home as fast as he could and he said he could hear the noise from outside the building! Apparently she turned on the radio to complete white noise, then sat on the volume button until it reached 100 percent. You can imagine that all the cats were hiding when he came in, or there would have been hell to pay!

Now we have to unplug the radio every time we go out. Darn cat. Why can’t she be like the other one, and just make photocopies on the copy machine when she’s bored? Now, if only we could teach the third one to wash the dishes…..

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  2. Amazing. Luckily, my kitties have not yet discovered anything that troublesome, but I figure it’s only a matter of time.

  3. LOL……That’ll teach ya!! All TV, Radio, Computer, and Lamp hugging has stopped since I got Kjersten her very own heated pet pad. She’s happy and we’re happy. The only ones with their bottom lips out are Joey, Dusty, Danny, and Chynna (the 4 pomeranians). They can’t get to it…and with their heavy fur coats, they don’t need to!!

    Spring for the heated pet pad…a great investment!

    Mary of Brush It On 🙂

  4. Oh boy, what a nightmare! I can certainly relate in some small way though as we often go upstairs to find similar “strange noises” emanating from our bedroom where the cd player sits waiting for it’s next ‘attack’. 😉

  5. They certainly do make life interesting as well as great fodder for blog posts 🙂

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