Organic geometry

euphorb3 bw

My assignment last week was finding the geometric shapes in organic objects, for which I talked my way into a greenhouse where I used to work in college. Cacti and interesting patterns galore. I think this may be my favorite assignment so far – I loved getting up close and personal with the plants and making miniature landscapes out of a few leaves.

Many of the plants I photographed were the very same ones I pruned, carefully replanted and researched while I was conducting an inventory of the building in 2002. Many still had little labels in my own handwriting. It was fun to see which have grown and which are in bloom. A little like visiting old friends!

fern3 bw

leafy bw

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  1. STUNNING!!! Shape, texture, light, shadow, are all captured. Not only does my brain connect with each image, so do my fingers!! Well done……

    Mary of Brush It On

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