Sick kitty?

Oh my, I had a crazy week! Full of complicated articles to write (on deadline, of course), class assignments, pre-holiday events and general running around.

Then, on top of things, my cat started vomiting. Didn’t think much off it at first, but she’s been vomiting. And vomiting. Maybe twice a day for the last two or three days, when I can’t count on two hands the times she’s done it in the past six years. She’s also acting moody and very sensitive to the touch – I tried to pet her hind-quarters and got a clear “don’t-you-dare” nip. On the good side, I watched her drink a bunch of water this evening and she’s holding it down. I don’t think she’s in any immediate danger of dehydration.

I really can’t afford the weekend emergency vet fees, so I hope she’ll be okay until Monday….?

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  1. If she continues to vomit, do take her to the vet….there should be one open Saturday morning. (not the emergency variety.)

    On the other hand, she could have swine flu. I believe that my kitty who vomitted for a day early in the summer and seemed to feel generally crappy likely had the swine flu….the timing was right and he was fine in a day or so. But seriously…if kitty keeps vomitting to the point of vomitting clear liquid…take her to the vet. She will get dehydrated otherwise and that can lead to other problems. And it could be a blockage of some sort if kitty ate something she wasn’t supposed to.

    Good Luck,


    • Thanks Sharon, I’m keeping a close eye on her today. She hasn’t thrown up yet (which is an improvement over the last two days) and we’ve been putting fresh water in front of her and she’s been drinking it. If she appears to get worse I’ll definitely take her in before Monday!

  2. Oh Dear….and it’s so frustrating when they can’t tell you what is wrong.

    Sharon’s advice is very sound. Yes, there are always regular Vet offices open on Saturday so let your fingers do the walking. You can also call ahead and describe the symptoms….maybe they have encountered other sick kitties who are presenting the same symptoms and can tell you what is going on by your description. Also, periodically, keep trying to touch her all over….does she really hurt in certain spots or is she just being cranky. If she is actually hurting, there can be bigger issues going on so don’t wait too long before getting help.

    As one who has had cats and dogs for a hundred years, it’s very worrisome. So, please keep us posted on her progress…..we all care.

    Mary of Brush It On

  3. Drinking water is a good sign. Also, check the litter box to make sure she is urinating. There may also be web sites for sick kittie symptoms. Keep us posted.


  4. I’m a few days late on this and hugely relieved Jelly’s feeling better. I just had to put my comment though in case you ran into this situation again.

    My only experience with vomiting cats was when I accidentally gave my cat too much chicken when he was young. It turns out if cats have too much protein it turns a response on in their bodies that then doesn’t automatically shut off. It causes vomiting and yet they’re very thirsty and drink alot of water which is why I mention it because I read that part in your description. So just good to know in case they ever get into something they shouldn’t.

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