Thanks for the advice about my kitty! Jelly seems to be a little perkier today, and quite enjoying the extra attention and petting. She only threw up once today (right in the middle of our dinner….yuck!). Right now she is doing her usual driving-me-nuts-thing where she rubs her head incessantly against my laptop and closes the screen. That’s a lot more active than she was yesterday, and we even spied her over by the food bowls eating!

She is ten years old, by far the oldest of my three crazy felines. Frankly, all of them have been in perfect health for the past five or six years – I shouldn’t be surprised that one of them finally got a little sick. I’m going to make her a vet appointment for next week (earlier, if things take a turn for the worse) and try switching her to some wet food. I’ve heard that as cats get older, they sometimes have trouble digesting the kibbles.

Since the day she crawled off the street and through my bathroom window, looking for a place to give birth, Jelly has had a pretty cushy life. All the food she can eat and plenty of stacks of paper to sleep on (her favorite!). We got through a difficult delivery (she almost needed a $3,000 kitty c-section) and have moved to three or four apartments together. It’s probably about time for her to slow down, spend more time getting hair all over my fleece blankets, and enjoy her twilight years. If this illness turns out to be a sign of something more serious, at least I’ve given her many years to enjoy being warm and getting fat…

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  1. You’ve given her a wonderful long life. Much longer than street kitties have if they stay on the street.
    I’m glad she’s feeling better.

    Our 16yr old kitty has kidney disease and switching her to a food special for this problem has worked wonders so far. A trip to the vet should help you figure out what’s going on.

  2. Thank you for the update….you can tell she is a sweetie and one lucky kittie to have you for her mommie. Moist food is so much easier for the older crowd to digest….mine is 16. If she isn’t used to the moist food, just give her a spoonfull at first as her system may need to get used to it. I will also moisten Kjersten’s kibbles to help with the chewing and digestion.

    Please keep giving us updates…… 🙂

    Mary of Brush It On

  3. So happy to hear she’s feeling better and she sure looks darling!! I couldn’t agree with you more, you’ve given her many years of happiness, a full belly and loads of love… who could ask for anything more! 😉

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