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Woot! My little heart teacups made it on the front page of Etsy this afternoon! Thanks to Kristin, over at Freeforged, who sent me the lovely screenshot!

Published in: on December 8, 2009 at 3:21 pm  Comments (4)  

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  1. That is terrific!! It’s always such fun to be one of the featured artisans on Etsy. A hearty congrats! 🙂

    How is kittie?????

    Mary of Brush It On

    • Thanks for asking, Mary. It is day three with no vomiting (yay!) and she seems a lot more active and well. I’m slowly switching her to a diet of wet food formulated for “older kitties,” but the little ones happily gobble up everything she doesn’t finish!

      • I’m so happy kittie is much better. Getting her on the wet food should really help with her over all digestion. If she hasn’t been chewing up her kibbles, keep a watch on her mouth..older kitties can have serious tooth decay and they are unable to chew the hard kibbles. Tooth decay can also cause overall illness. LOL…the little ones usually act like they Never get fed!!

  2. Hey Congratulations! Always a fabulous event!

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