I’ve made a new best friend this year (the one recovering from mono) and her birthday is just over a week away. She is a huge English literature buff, and Oscar Wilde is her all and above favorite.

When I saw this amazing leather hand-bound journal from Moon Bindery, featuring a beautiful Wilde quote on the flap, I knew right away it was perfect for her. But how to afford it? Hrm, hrm, hrm….

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High and dry

I know a particular person (not going to name names, here) who, in a sincerely well-intentioned effort to preserve my tabletops, would put his drinks down on my books.

Now, as an unapologetic bibliophile, I admit that I lost my head once or twice about this. I would give any number of tabletops for my old beat-up copy of Animal Farm, or The Idiot. It seemed to be a cultural gulf that we simply couldn’t communicate across.

I found that the best way to prevent water rings on my Shakespeares, and steam coming out my ears, was to have copious number of coasters hanging around on every surface. I mean, something like these soft, fuzzy coasters from Blue Hair Knits practically beg to snuggle up to the bottom of a coffee mug.

So if you’ve ever had this sort of problem, spare yourself some anxiety, spare whatever surfaces you value most, and go invest in some coasters!

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Want a journal that’ll remind you to write first thing in the morning? How about a tie-dye equivalent of a smack in the face? (In a good way….)

I love this technicolored book, by Prossack Designs, in all of its wild, marbled glory! Now, where’d I put those sunglasses?

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I feel the need to mention that I found my cat trying to drag a copy of “The Sound and the Fury” into her litter box this evening.

Not liking William Faulkner is certainly a matter of personal preference, but sheesh!

UPDATE: I mistakenly identified the author earlier. That’s what I get for posting when I’m tired. “Sheesh” to me!

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Happy Birthday to me….

Oh yum. There are fifty billion things I want to eat at Cannelle et Vanille, including these molten chocolate cakes… *droooool!*

Ahem, yes. Back to my birthday. Which was awesome. I picked up a copy of the book I have waited literally four years to finally see, talked to many friends and loved ones, and received a ton of online accolades this week (for some crazy unknown reason!).

Many thanks to April, of Crafting with Cats, for her way-too flattering writeup of my blog and pottery. It was really sweet. Be sure to check out her amazing handmade shrines! And thanks to Sharon, the fabulous jewelry crafter behind Manamoon Studios, and Rita, kitty-toy maker extraordinaire at Casbah Kitten, for both giving me an “I heart your blog” award this week! And last but not least, thanks to talented crocheter Sherryl, of A Day in Crochet, for awarding me the “Brilliant Weblog” recognition yesterday.

Whew! You guys totally rock! Thank you! (I’m supposed to tag other people, but that’ll have to wait for another day…)

P.S. Contest winners will be announced sometime after midnight EST Thursday. Last day to sign up!

Super Duper Awesomeness!

I’m pretty sure we all need a pick-me-up after yesterday’s news, so how about trying this on for size: I’m gonna be FAMOUS!!!

Well, no, okay…maybe that’s stretching it a little bit. But close to it!

I book I contributed historical research to was recently selected to be a Starbucks’ Pick in September! The House at Sugar Beach, by Helene Cooper, will hit bookstands this Sept. 3! Here’s a quick summary:

The House at Sugar Beach is an astonishing and moving memoir about growing up in Liberia during a violent civil war. Helene Cooper is the daughter of one of Liberia’s elite families, but after a coup threw her people out of power she moved to the United States, eventually becoming a journalist. In The House at Sugar Beach, Cooper delivers personal memoir, historical perspective, and journalistic reporting in one book that you won’t be able to put down.

And my name is going to be in the acknowledgments section, and I’m going to the book launch party!! I’m soooooo excited!!

Plus I’m so happy for Helene, who has been a great friend and mentor. I would never have even considered a career in journalism if not for her, and she always let me stay in her basement when I needed to!

So hurray! Pop the corks! Make a toast!

(And don’t forget to buy 20 copies on Sept. 3…..!!)

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