Pool party!

Thanks for all the great suggestions about the camera! I loved looking through all the awesome pictures, and it’s so hard to choose!  I’m leaning towards the Canon Rebel right now, just because I’ve heard so much good about it and it can be upgraded with new lenses. I am going to be signing up for a digital photography course, so it would be great to take advantage of that and really learn how to use an SLR.  On top of that, I see it most often advertised used on Craigslist for several hundred dollars below the retail  price – I can possibly even score a deal that comes with a macro lens or a tripod!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately – last night I met up with my girlfriends and we had a pool party out at one friend’s grandma’s outdoor pool. It was so fun, with a bunch of girls, a box of pizza and a bottle of white wine! One of my friends is leaving for Costa Rica for a couple of weeks, so we got to see her off, too.  Poor D. was fast asleep by the time I got home, but it was a blast!

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Hope everyone had a fun and happy 4th of July weekend!

Mine was dampened by the fact that I had to work every day (the news doesn’t stop, unfortunately). But the nice thing was working the night shift all weekend and having a bit of time to enjoy the sun and beautiful weather during the day! I got to go on some walks around the neighborhood, hang out with friends and re-pot some herbs for our windowsills! Yummy cilantro, rosemary, basil, thyme and oregano!

One of D.’s friends even gave us a large tomato plant, which we decided to try to grow on the front step. I attached the pot to the railing in the hopes that it doesn’t “walk away” one of these nights – we’ll just have to see if it lasts! Either way, it was fun making a mess on the street and getting a little dirty. And I love all the extra green in the windows and the way the cats curl around the flowerpots!


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Dancing the night away

I will be away for a wedding most the weekend, so enjoy this amazing party-perfect cake from Flagrante Delicia.

It’s been a hectic month, but I’m looking forward to having at least this one night to relax with D., dance and celebrate.  Cheers!

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Shopping and Dropping

My friend and I hit the mall yesterday to pick out a pant suit for me, for some job interviews I hopefully hopefully will get soon. But, in a comedic routine we couldn’t have pulled off better if we practiced, I forgot my purse and she left all her credit cards at home. She only had a debit card with about $4.65 on it.

Still, we managed to make a night of it! We talked the ladies at the food court into selling us just two egg rolls and letting us put in on the card (they wanted a $5 minimum, and didn’t believe we really didn’t have it). We tried on lots of clothes and I picked out a fabulous suit and some work slacks, which we put on layaway. The suit and a complimentary blouse were so incredibly reasonably priced (buy one, get one 50% off, and no sales tax in Delaware), that we even had enough left over to splurge on a cute little black dress for my delayed Valentines date with D. tomorrow night. We’re going to an incredibly delicious Tapas bar (not topless bar, as many of my friends have been joking), called Amada.


Oh, and Mary was asking for my cookie recipe. Here’s a slightly modified version, from the The Great Big Cookie Book, by Hilaire Walden. It’s amazingly simple:

1/2 c Unsalted butter

2/3 c brown sugar

1 egg

1 tsp vanilla

1 1/4 flour

1/2 tsp baking soda

3/4 c rolled oats (I used pecans this time)

4 oz chopped semisweet chocolate

4 oz chopped white chocolate

1. Preheat oven to 375F and grease two baking sheets. Cream the butter and sugar in a bowl, then add the egg and vanilla and beat well.

2. Sift in the flour and baking soda, fold, and add the oats and chocolate.

3. Spoon the batter onto the baking sheets and bake for about 15-20 minutes (mine only needed about 10)

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I’ve made a new best friend this year (the one recovering from mono) and her birthday is just over a week away. She is a huge English literature buff, and Oscar Wilde is her all and above favorite.

When I saw this amazing leather hand-bound journal from Moon Bindery, featuring a beautiful Wilde quote on the flap, I knew right away it was perfect for her. But how to afford it? Hrm, hrm, hrm….

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I nearly did a double-take a day ago when I opened up the front page of Etsy and saw Yasha Butler, a friend whom I share studio space with, as a featured artist! There’s a whole interview with her and everything! Way to go! It appears she sold dozens of pieces while her interview was posted, and it’s well deserved. Her work is incredibly fine and well-crafted. I can attest that many hours go into making each of those pieces look so refined and white. I’m super-lucky because I get to pick her cast-off pieces out of the trash (sometimes I can’t even figure out what she thought was wrong with them) and decorate my apartment with them  😀

And if that’s not enough, she’s getting married in a month! She’s also got a great design blog if you want to check it out and share your congrats!

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Road Trippin’


Last weekend D. and I hopped in a car and took a two night trip covering at least three states, four boroughs of New York and visiting large numbers of family and friends along the way.

The ride culminated in a picturesque evening at a mansion in Princeton, N.J., where one of D.’s painter friends was having an art event. There was huge paintings along every wall, fancy catered tidbits, snow around the courtyard pool and plenty of wine and friends. It’s hard to think of any good description for it, besides lovely.

When the opening wound down, the party began. Those of us who were hardy and young stayed up late, raiding the fridge, talking and generally making mischief and having a wonderful time. But the nicest part of my night was when D. slipped away into the other room and snuck back with a beautiful flower for me, pilfered from one of the huge arrangements (“They won’t notice,” he said).

Not only has it stayed open and beautiful for several days now, but it is filling my apartment with the most amazing strong fragrance.  Every time I walk in the door and get a whiff of it, it’s a reminder of sweetness, friends and happy times….

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When it has to be said…

Another popular seller who made it onto my favorites list this year, Earmark always has a witty retort on hand…usually served cold. To be honest, even though I rarely succumb to impulse buys, I was so taken with her “Worst. Date. Ever.” card while I was browsing for this post, I just had to snap one up. I know exactly who is getting that in the mail!  And if you’re looking for her softer side, I think this “Let’s Spoon” card is too cute…

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Currently Drooling Over…

This poached egg recipe with prosciutto and goat cheese, created by the amazing cook (and photographer) behind La Tartine Gourmande!

I’m thinking brunch today because some friends put on a simply lovely party this morning, featuring copious amounts of delicious fruit pies, homemade ice cream, four different kinds of tamales and salsas, peppers stuffed with sausage and cheese, fresh-made bread and jams, pumpkin muffins and probably lots of other things that I ate and don’t recall just this moment.

It may not have been quite the picture that the Gourmande makes, but let me tell you, it was pretty damn unbeatable. Plus spending Sunday morning and most of the afternoon with a bunch of old classmates and new friends… what could be nicer?

I can’t believe the spread they always put on, and I wish I had a house or the space to comfortably host twenty or thirty people for brunch.  Maybe some day!

Until then, I’ll just have to continue to enjoy their generous hospitality…. (and eat all their food).

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On Bollywood and Bubbles

Hello friends, I’m back in business! I had a lovely two days off, and I think I’ve got my wind back.

While you all were, I’m sure, sobbing your eyes out over the lack of posts, I did a few nice things for myself. I cooked myself two extra-special dinners (including my all-time favorite, gourmet mac and cheese from scratch), hung out with friends and caught a couple of movies. I even managed to find a terrible yet awesome Bollywood flick based on a Dostoevsky novel. Totally hilarious. (Sorry, the whole three-hour movie is not quite as soft-porn as the preview would have you believe).

I was also finally able to test some incredible bubble-bath mix I got from MoonsHarvest a while back. And let me tell, this stuff makes bubbles! I doubled the dosage on a whim (two scoops? Ha! Make it five!) and was quite literally up to my ears in lavender scented foam. Seriously, this was princess bath-time bubbles. Towers of bubbles. Make-a-hat-out-of-it-and-wear-it-on-your-head bubbles. It made my night.

One other piece of exciting news? I’m considering night classes to study digital media! I think it would help my journalism career, and it certainly would be fun to test-run new techniques on you all. I’m a little nervous to take my life in a new kind of direction, but it also could be great. I don’t know yet…will keep you updated!