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Oh my goodness, it kind of dawned on me how bad I’ve been about updating the past couple of weeks!

I’m trying to wrap up the two (2!) websites I’m in the process of building – one in Dreamweaver, for D., and one for me in Flash. You can see one of the image pages for mine, above. Everything is almost done with it, it’s just really busy work (mostly in Illustrator) that I’ve got left. I have to say, I’m really having a lot of fun with it! Hard, sometimes a real pain, but there’s something really rewarding when I finally get the damn thing to work!

Anyways, hope to post a link to the real launch soon!!

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OMG! My Flash site now has LINKS! That WORK!!

It’s starting to feel like a real goshdarn site! Can’t wait until it launchs and you all can see…

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Oh my oh my

clay balls

This has been a crazy busy week! D. got his installation up and it looks fabulous…he’s already getting some accolades for it and I’m very proud of him! There should be pictures coming very soon.

I’ve been up over my head trying to complete two websites at once – one designed in HTML, and one in Flash. In retrospect, I probably should have taken these two classes seperately. I had no idea that both would be so much work! I got stuck on a (seemingly) really simple issue on Flash tonight and nearly ended up crying.

D. even snuck out and got me an ice cream because I was having such a hard time – whataguy!

Post-ice cream I had a breakthrough and was able to get a bit more done. Now I’m stuck again, but I think I’ll at least have something to show for myself in class this week. I can’t really show you exactly what I’m working on (because I haven’t figured out how to upload it), but you can see from the pictures above how I am creating the intro with a ball of clay rolling into a slab. It looks pretty fun, in a Gumbi kinda way. Can’t wait to show off the finished product!

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Ideas in Progress


Okay, I’m going to need y’all to use your imaginations here.

Above is a quick (very rough) sketch of opening to the Flash website I’m building. But you need to imagine that it is really a photograph of a rolled out slab of clay, decorated with my stamps and with clickable navigation tools in the center.

Is that a stretch? It gets better.

My idea is that the site will open with a ball of raw clay, quickly rolled out into a slab and then decorated with the designs and what will become clickable links. The whole Flash movie will take maybe 3 seconds, so visitors don’t get bored, but I want the whole effect to feel playful, fun and earthy. Of course, each of the nav buttons will link to other pages with browsable images, news updates and links here and to Etsy.

It’s definitely, definitely a big challange. Especially since I have just under five weeks to finish it before the end of class! A lot of the work from here on out is taking photos, actually designing the site in Flash and learning how to program in actionScript and XTML. The process might not make for blog-friendly visuals, but I’ll try to post some updates as I go!

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As if we all need one more thing to take up time on the internet, I’ve got to direct you a website I found today on the recommendation of a friend. It is Layer Tennis, a digital design competition held live, every Friday afternoon. Two designers square off against each other, volleying images back and forth every 15 minutes while commentators respond with humorous write-ups. At the end, watchers get to vote on the winner. You can go back and look at the old ones (championship game was today!) and watch the process. It’s really quite amazing what these talented designers come up with – and doing it in just 15 minutes, to boot!

P.S. Image above is one volley from designer Chris Glass.

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Final Project

september ferris wheel1

For the last class of my Adobe Illustrator course, the teacher asked us to make a poster about the month we were born.

I always think about trips to the amusement park on the last days of summer when I think about my birthday, so this is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy!

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Fast Approaching


The move is coming on all too quick now! I had more than half a dozen people in and out of my apartment tonight, paying cash for bits of furniture and whatnot that I had posted on Craigslist. I had one guy carry out an entire loveseat on his own (not a small piece of furniture…it was an impressive sight). And a woman who had an asthma attack just before walking in the door, but wanted to try to drag out a pair of bookcases anyway (D. kindly offered to carry for her).

Now my living room is all torn apart looking and strange. But I did find a large number of hidden cat toys! It’s no wonder that I have to keep buying more, if they just stash them under heavy objects!

Anyways, I will probably continue to be ‘catch as catch can’ for the next two weeks, but I thought I’d give an update and share a logo I made in my Adobe Illustrator class for an imaginary coffee shop. It’s not very sophisticated, but logos are supposed to be simple, right? I kinda like it.

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Orange Splash

Box template

Another cool homework assignment from my Adobe Illustrator class – designing a box for an imaginary perfume. We are going to print them out on heavy cardstock and fold them up to make the boxes.

I was especially pleased with the orange slices – don’t they look juicy?

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Sea Green


A little ‘dream by the sea’ collage I made today, featuring a gorgeous satin skirt by larimeloom and a a pair of stunning turquoise earrings by yukijewelry.

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Moving forward


I’m still feeling under the weather, so here’s another project from my Adobe Illustrator class. I sampled colors from a photo of a tulip and drew these with gradient meshs and lots of parts put together.  It was really a thrill to see how nice they looked at the end! I can believe I can “draw” like that!

I printed this out and gave a copy to D., who was pretty impressed. Happy Spring!

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