Under the Sea

I think it’s pretty rare to come across crafters who can make something look so organic it could have been pulled from the ocean floor, and it takes a second look to realize that it’s really something designed and beautiful. That’s why I definitely did a double-take when I came across Coralia‘s anemone sculpture. It can hold a candle too – how cool is that?!

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Impossible Iris

Let me state this for the record: I can’t do this. I have no idea how this is even done.

Joe’s papercuts are so incredibly fine and detailed…I have to remind myself several times that they are simply paper. Definitely not done with the kitchen scissors the way I used to do those snowflake cut-outs when I was a kid! Especially check out his intricate Mayan-inspired design. Unbelievable!

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No more lonely walls

I’d say it took me a minute or two to understand exactly what Decorette was offering.

But then I realized that it was incredible, peel-away decals that could be used to decorate whole empty walls for just a few bucks. Throw in the fact that the decals are of simple, stunning nature silhouettes… Well! Let’s just say I was an instant fan!

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Daring to go where no potter has gone before

Well, okay, maybe not quite. But I am branching out and moving up in the world!

In the past week I joined Squidoo and was also invited to be a member of the Etsy Interior Design Guide. Please do stop by, say “hi” and add me as a friend! I’d love to hear from you!

In the coming weeks I hope to make several Squidoo lens featuring a few more personal interests, as well as create a page where you can find all my writing critiques compiled in one place!

Whew! It’s a lot going on. Folks who’ve asked for a writing trade – don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you! I’m so flooded with requests that I’ll be making a list and contacting as many of you as possible very soon. Thanks for all your wonderful support!

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