A rose by any other name…

Who says money can’t buy love?

If you haven’t picked out a Valentines present yet, and your loved one especially appreciates cold, hard cash, then I think I found the gift for you! This money rose, by PaperAffection, might not be exactly what I would want, but I’m really tickled by both the concept and the execution.

And hey… a $100 rebate on all purchases!!

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Want a journal that’ll remind you to write first thing in the morning? How about a tie-dye equivalent of a smack in the face? (In a good way….)

I love this technicolored book, by Prossack Designs, in all of its wild, marbled glory! Now, where’d I put those sunglasses?

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Stuck on these

If you are even half as busy as me… well, then I kind feel sorry for you. Because I am one busy damn lady.

But that aside, if you are also a busy person, I’m sure you’ve discovered the joy of sticky notes. Truly, a gift from god. There are some days when I come into work and I just have to laugh, because my computer is so plastered with sticky notes that I can barely see around them to the screen.

In fact, I think it would be pretty awesome to carry sticky notes around with me ALL the time, so I would never ever forget anything again. Lucky for me, PulpArt thought of it first! She sells beautiful little sticky pad books created with hand-made and recycled paper. Brilliant!

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Impossible Iris

Let me state this for the record: I can’t do this. I have no idea how this is even done.

Joe’s papercuts are so incredibly fine and detailed…I have to remind myself several times that they are simply paper. Definitely not done with the kitchen scissors the way I used to do those snowflake cut-outs when I was a kid! Especially check out his intricate Mayan-inspired design. Unbelievable!

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I think Heidi Lauman, of Stripes & Plaid, perfectly captures that wet-foggy-sticky-sweet, early-spring feel with this beautiful paper-cut of poppy pods. Plus, I love how the words of some mysterious story seem to be peeking out below each bud. What a nice adornment her work would make in some sunny room!

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Let it snow

I think we’re all pretty familiar with folding up a piece of paper and cutting a snowflake out of it. In fact, that was probably one of the earliest crafting experiences I became obsessed with (paper snowflakes everywhere).

But Brittany, over at Bittystar, has definitely taken it to a new level! Her paper cuts are all done free-hand, with an exacto-knife, then layered with awesome fabrics. It’s like a snowflake, all grown up!

Oh, and P.S.? She lives in New Orleans and uses fabrics recovered after the Katerina disaster – what a simply wonderful way to find beauty after tragedy!

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