Go for a spin

I noticed this awesome ring, by TinahDee, on the front page of Etsy recently. Not only is it easy on the eyes, but it contains three little inner circlets that you can twist around! I love jewelry that doubles as entertainment!

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Buyer’s Market

When I first met Jenni Brant, of BurroBranch, though the Etsy Mud Team, I immediately recognized some of her work and posted a little something about it on the Night Kitchen. Some months later she got in touch with me again: One of her pieces, she said, had been picked as a finalist in the Niche Magazine awards contest and she’d be coming from Nebraska to Philadelphia to hand deliver it. The contest was happening simultaneous with the big craft buyer’s market at the Philadelphia Convention Center, in mid-February. Could she stay on my couch?

Of course, I said yes, albeit my couch is uncomfortable and she’d be overrun with cats. We made some preliminary arrangements. But then, just a little over a week before she was supposed to come, she told me she was totally bogged down in work. She asked if I would be willing to hand deliver her piece, if she shipped ASAP, and she would include a little gift and a pass to check out the market. I couldn’t down that offer!

So she whisked her piece over and I jumped on a bus with it Friday morning and delivered it to the show. Then came the cool part! The Buyer’s Market is specifically for wholesale crafters, and you are not allowed in if you are not a buyer or affiliated with a gallery or shop. Or, if you have a special pass. Which I did. So I spent well over two hours meandering through, checking out some truly amazing jewelery and other goodies along the way.

Some stuff, I have to say, was mediocre. Some of the ceramics was particularly not notable, unfortunately, but there were a few that really stood out. There were some things there that were just plain weird (pizza clocks?). But for the most part I was awed and dazzled by the literally hundreds of incredible fine jewelers and metal smiths, not to mention teased and tempted by wholesale price markings on everything!

Here’s a few of the highlights, from the folks I was able to grab business cards from:

Jewelry by Nora Dougherty, www.noradougherty.com
Jewelry by Nora Dougherty, http://www.noradougherty.com

Sarah Graham Metalsmiths, www.sarahgraham.com
Sarah Graham Metalsmiths, http://www.sarahgraham.com

Jacob Albee Goldsmith, www.jacobalbee.com

Jacob Albee Goldsmith, http://www.jacobalbee.com

Danny Kamerath Woodworking, www.dannykamerath.com

Danny Kamerath Woodworking, http://www.dannykamerath.com

Fashion Bot

Oh my goodness, I’m going to bed at 10:30 p.m.! It’s a new record in early bedtimes for me… my usual is about four or five hours later than this. Why the early lights out? Well, my poor boyfriend (let’s call him D. from now on, shall we?) needs three (!) root canals and has a monster toothache. So he’s been taking several tylan0l p.m.’s in the evening and crashing early until the dentist can go to work on him on Thursday. It’s been influencing my schedule too…I’ve been hitting the hay pre-stroke of midnight, and actually waking up with enough time and energy to jump on the exercise bike in the morning. I guess one man’s toothache is another woman’s energy bar! (Does that even make sense?)

Totally unrelated, but also awesome, is this adorable robot ring from Melissa Abram. Her shop is chock-full of all kinds of retro-fabric jewelry. Hmmm…maybe the matching robot bobby pins would make a nice little reward for all this gym-time I’ve been putting in…

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On a lazy afternoon…

This cheerful little ring from Itsy Bitsy Industries puts me in the mood to hit the arcade with a pocket full of chewing gum and quarters.

Too bad I have to go to work every day, instead.

P.S. I bet a dollar I can kick your butt at skee-ball!!

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Blown away

After almost a year of puttering around Etsy, admiring beautiful things and exercising incredible restraint, I finally decided to get a real gift for myself. I had saved up a little bit of cash, thanks to the success of my pottery shop this year, and so I got it in my head to buy myself a ring.

Not just any ring. It had to be the perfect ring. Something handcrafted, with an organic feel and an understated, quiet elegance. Something that could survive my sometimes rough adventures, but with a delicate element. Something that would remind me of old friends, and celebrate new beginnings.

Of course, hunting for something when you know exactly what you want isn’t easy. I had pages of “possibilities” bookmarked, and none that quite captured it. Luckily, the search was over in an instant when I found Beth Cyr’s Dandelion Ring. Impressed all around with individual dandelion seeds, this ring has breathtaking details and texture. I love how it reminds me of late summer nights and the promise of new seasons.

It arrived tonight, and was out of the box and on my finger in a moment. I love the weight of it, the snug fit and the way it warms up between my fingers. I’m not sure I’m ever going to be able to take it off!

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Now I’m dreaming…

I think it’s a pretty good bet that I’m not getting married any time soon. But hey, if one of you handsome men out there get so enthralled with my art that you decide to propose, sight unseen, here’s the ring to get my attention.

A pearl set in a hand-forged silver band, from Higher Chakra Creations….!! Save the diamonds for some other girl!

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More spring-style jewelry to brighten up your week.

This amazing lotus-flower ring from Lakshmi Sonbuchner, at Aloka, is just one piece out of an entire collection of stunning work. Simple, elegant shapes and serene, organic designs – I want every single one!

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I totally fidget. I play with odds and ends, chew pens, snap rubber bands. I love things that I can twiddle between my fingers and, quite possibly, sneak into my mouth when no one’s looking (I’m sorry, it’s true! Make any Freudian judgments you like).

So you can imagine I was salivating when I saw this sterling silver ring, by RuralAbandon. I mean, it looks fun off the bat. But then you learn that all the little arms move independently and jangle! She quotes a customer who called it “a party on my finger!”

I must have this play-thing!!!

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