Got attitude?

damn soap fs

Well, this soap dish does. I don’t really know why I wrote that particular message on there – maybe tired of someone using my expensive bath products in the shower?

Either way, I rather like it. A soap dish for those of us who are righteous and grumpy in the morning…

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Sniff me

Have I told you how much I love lavender? Yes? Well, let me tell you one more time.

I love lavender.

And if you buy me one of these citrus and lavender shea butter soaps, by The Pig and the Peacock, I’ll love YOU!

(P.S. To the ex-boyfriends who read this blog: That’s a joke, only a joke…)

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My feet are going to fall off

So, today my boss at my pottery studio rented a massive dumpster and required all the staff to come in early (on pain of death) to fill it.

We moved pottery wheels. We moved kilns. We moved sheets of steel. Clay. Bricks. Garbage. Shelving units. Panes of glass. Lumber.

Now I am at home, staring at a gorgeous picture of LoveLeeSoaps’ Peppermint Honey Bar, and wishing I had a few hours to spend with it in a hot bath tub (and some aspirin).

Oy. Tomorrow is when the hurting is really going to start….

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On Bollywood and Bubbles

Hello friends, I’m back in business! I had a lovely two days off, and I think I’ve got my wind back.

While you all were, I’m sure, sobbing your eyes out over the lack of posts, I did a few nice things for myself. I cooked myself two extra-special dinners (including my all-time favorite, gourmet mac and cheese from scratch), hung out with friends and caught a couple of movies. I even managed to find a terrible yet awesome Bollywood flick based on a Dostoevsky novel. Totally hilarious. (Sorry, the whole three-hour movie is not quite as soft-porn as the preview would have you believe).

I was also finally able to test some incredible bubble-bath mix I got from MoonsHarvest a while back. And let me tell, this stuff makes bubbles! I doubled the dosage on a whim (two scoops? Ha! Make it five!) and was quite literally up to my ears in lavender scented foam. Seriously, this was princess bath-time bubbles. Towers of bubbles. Make-a-hat-out-of-it-and-wear-it-on-your-head bubbles. It made my night.

One other piece of exciting news? I’m considering night classes to study digital media! I think it would help my journalism career, and it certainly would be fun to test-run new techniques on you all. I’m a little nervous to take my life in a new kind of direction, but it also could be great. I don’t know yet…will keep you updated!


These scrumptious bars of cocoa soap, from the aptly named “Mmmmmm Handmade Soap,” definitely fall into the “inedible things I would like to eat” category. Why do soap-makers always gotta do that to me??

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Brown Sugar

Why do it? I mean, why combine the pure awesomeness of coffee, vanilla and brown sugar and then tell people they can’t eat it?

Yes, this tempting body scrub, created by A Breath of French Air, uses all those ingredients and makes me incredibly hungry. I hope she throws in a couple of candy bars when she mails this to customers…it could cause a riot!

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If loving funky, handmade soap is a sin, then color me guilty.

Oh, and also send me a batch of Bonghinatura‘s vanilla and brown sugar soaps, while you’re at it!

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Just looking at this goats-milk soap, by Lisa Hughes at The Prim Pantry, makes me imagine I’m on a fresh, tropical island somewhere in the Pacific. Just the thing I want to be imagining on a rainy Philly day… I hope they smell as yummy as they look!

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