I scream, you scream…


What could be cuter then a sad kitty? How about a sad kitty holding an ice cream cone?

Yes, Gumball Grenade has found the formula for ultimate cuteness, and is not afraid to use it! Check out her shop for sweet and whimsical illustrations galore, including ACEO’s, for all you collectors out there!

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Eat those veggies!


You gotta love these magnets by a mom from the cornfields of Indiana. Her shop is named Mister Mooch, after her “little mooch”! Can’t you imagine having these guys on your fridge? They would say to me, “Hey Amy, look! Eating your veggies is actually FUN!”…..And then I would probably freak out because those crazy felt magnets were talking to me again.

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My crafty sense is tingling…


Ashli, of Penguin Love, has made a spider man light switch cover. WHO COULD NOT WANT THIS???

‘Nuff said.

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Give a man a fish….

Looking at Elena Mary’s shop, I became engrossed. There’s so many little details to see and get absorbed into! There was no way to pick something that was representative of her shop – from handmade paper, to jewelry, to a whole section labeled “shrines” – there’s just so much to see! But this fishy piece tickled my fancy, so here it is! Elena Mary, who hails from Santa Monica, Cal., also features the work of her autistic adult son, Noah Erenberg. Check them out!

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Portraits of a home

It’s always such a pleasant surprise to see an artist on Etsy and realize that you have a lot in common with them, even though you’ve never met. I feel that way looking at the work of Julie Beck, of JulieBCreative.

Both of us grew up in Upstate New York along the Erie Canal, which I think helps explain why I felt like I “recognized” the places and architectures she paints. Clearly we also like the same books…as soon as I saw this painting, I thought, “Hey, Grapes of Wrath!” And what do you know, apparently that book was her inspiration for this piece!

I love how this painting captures that old Americana feel, while at the same time conveying a very modern style and design through the inset and the almost pixel-ized squares of color.

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Sorry for not updating this weekend! I spent 17 hours Friday firing a kiln, and have spent most of the rest of the weekend in a sleepy numb trance. But I will have another featured artist up today, and lots of pictures of my new work up as soon as I can take ’em!!

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Hanging from the chandeliers

Jingly-jangly jewels from SilverDot Jewelry Designs. Love the colors of those amethyst and citrine gems against the sterling silver “chandelier.” They look great for feeling pretty on a night out!

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You’re never fully dressed without a smile!

How can you resist a face like that? Surely, any shirt that can make a kid sooo damn happy is worth checking out!

You can find all sorts of tie-dye to smile about at Inspiring Color, a shop run by mother/son team Zach and Jill Matteson. They have some very cool stuff for every size person, including some gorgeous silk scarves that would definitely get me grinning!

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Gold and Glamour

I’m a sucker for hammered jewelry…love that rough, handworked feel. And when it’s gold and a beautiful design, like this piece from Ashley, of A. N. Original Jewelry, how can you not like it? Check out her shop too, she does the hair, makeup, styling and photography on her gorgous model shots!

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How many points for “decoupage”?

What an awesome use for a scrabble tile from Tammy and Kaylyn, the mother/daughter team behind Giggling Goldfish! It’s a cute little decoupage necklace on what I hope is the letter “Z”….put that baby on a triple-word score and you CAN’T LOSE!

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