After a very sleepless night looking up building code regulations, D. and I decided we just weren’t comfortable with the state of the apartment we had intended to move into. Even if the landlord agreed to fix visible problems in our unit, it left us with a lot of concerns about the wiring throughout the building – and fixing the problem to our satisfaction would be, we figured, a massive investment of time and money on the landlord’s part.

So we met with him, were upfront with our feelings about the situation and reached a mutual agreement to end the lease.

On the good side, my current (two bedroom) apartment was still available, and my landlords agreed to let D. move in and were happy to keep us there.

We have a little readjusting to do, but I’d say overall we’re both really pleased and relieved with this outcome, and with the money we’re saving  we’re ready to make the old place a home we can both be happy in for the coming year.

Thanks for the comments and support – the blog should be back in full swing next week!

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Unpleasant Surprises

After more than a week of frantic and excited packing, planning and getting ready to move, D. and I finally got the keys to the new apartment yesterday.

We were going in a few days early to paint, but we got a nasty surprise.

“I don’t remember seeing this when we looked at the place,” D. called to tell me, “But there’s no outlet behind the fridge, it’s plugged into an old extension cord that runs across the hall and plugs into an ungrounded outlet!”

Pretty quick, we were looking at all the electric and wiring in the place, and not very happy with what we saw.

The past 24 hours have been pretty unpleasant as we’ve swung back and forth over what to do, but suffice to say neither of us is foolin’ around when it comes to electric and safety.

We’re putting off the move for one month, and giving the landlord notice that our lease is pending him hiring a certified electrician to inspect the building.

Nobody is happy about it, but I think it’s the right thing to do.

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Dancing the night away

I will be away for a wedding most the weekend, so enjoy this amazing party-perfect cake from Flagrante Delicia.

It’s been a hectic month, but I’m looking forward to having at least this one night to relax with D., dance and celebrate.  Cheers!

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Go for a spin

I noticed this awesome ring, by TinahDee, on the front page of Etsy recently. Not only is it easy on the eyes, but it contains three little inner circlets that you can twist around! I love jewelry that doubles as entertainment!

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All the cheese I can eat

There’s profit, and then there’s profit.

For example, I have my work on display at a local cheese shop in Philadelphia. The owner uses one of my cups as a little tip jar, uses vases and other pieces in his front window display and includes mugs in his holiday gift baskets.

He doesn’t sell many, but they make the shop a little nicer. And when he does sell a piece, I don’t get cash.

I get cheese.

He recently sold a vase for around $40, and now I am up to my elbows in delicious brie, creamy goat cheese and savory cheddar. His shop is around the corner from the studio, so whenever I get hungry I can go over and he cuts me a hunk of whatever is freshest and fills up a bag with baguette slices. I couldn’t ask for better!

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Fast Approaching


The move is coming on all too quick now! I had more than half a dozen people in and out of my apartment tonight, paying cash for bits of furniture and whatnot that I had posted on Craigslist. I had one guy carry out an entire loveseat on his own (not a small piece of furniture…it was an impressive sight). And a woman who had an asthma attack just before walking in the door, but wanted to try to drag out a pair of bookcases anyway (D. kindly offered to carry for her).

Now my living room is all torn apart looking and strange. But I did find a large number of hidden cat toys! It’s no wonder that I have to keep buying more, if they just stash them under heavy objects!

Anyways, I will probably continue to be ‘catch as catch can’ for the next two weeks, but I thought I’d give an update and share a logo I made in my Adobe Illustrator class for an imaginary coffee shop. It’s not very sophisticated, but logos are supposed to be simple, right? I kinda like it.

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Long hours at work, plus trying to pack boxes and get rid of things I don’t need …I’ll try to post again when I find some time!

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Looking delicious

Every day I pop over to Tartlette’s blog to check out the breathtaking photos and delicious recipes! So it was a big happy surprise this week to see that she has now opened an Etsy shop, where you can order prints of her stunning images. I told D. I want one for the kitchen in the new apartment, but we need to figure out what kind of space we have first! (I have a feeling most of it will be covered with ceramics…

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Orange Splash

Box template

Another cool homework assignment from my Adobe Illustrator class – designing a box for an imaginary perfume. We are going to print them out on heavy cardstock and fold them up to make the boxes.

I was especially pleased with the orange slices – don’t they look juicy?

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Sea Green


A little ‘dream by the sea’ collage I made today, featuring a gorgeous satin skirt by larimeloom and a a pair of stunning turquoise earrings by yukijewelry.

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