As scary as…. Meatloaf?

Happy Halloween! (And happy Phils parade day, if you’re Philly pholk).

Tonight I’ll be at a Halloween party, wearing vampy green eye-shadow and lots of peacock feathers (thanks to the reader who made the great suggestion a few weeks ago!). I had a lot of fun designing the costume, and one of my girlfriends had a lot of fun designing the makeup!

In sort of the spirit of the holiday (and also in the spirit of pure awesome) I want to share this fabulous handbag, created by RetroGrandma out of a Meat Loaf album cover.

Quite possibly the Coolest. Thing. Ever.

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Fly me to the moon

Another exciting re-imagining of my green pendant bead, by the lovely Sharon, of ManaMoon Studios! I love how much atmosphere she adds to the piece, with the dragonfly and sexy brass chain (have I mentioned that brass jewelry looks awesome?).

I really flattered that Sharon would lend her amazing design talent to my piece, and I’m stoked that it’s currently for sale in her shop. I’m honestly tempted to buy it back again!

And did I mention there are matching earrings!!??

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(Fans: Please, please, please don’t set my car on fire!!)

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And a cuppa Joe

Well, as a follow-up to my last post, there’s some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that we arrived at the Salvation Army exactly five minutes before closing. Who knew they closed early on Saturdays?

The good news is we had an awesome dinner. Both of us were short on money, with mostly empty fridges, and so we decided to pool our resources. He had eggs, cheese and bread at his apartment, and I had potatoes, onion and bacon at mine.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

He fried up the potatoes, then layered them with cheese into a bacon/fried onion omelette. Yuuuummmmm.

Now, if you have a dinner like this, I think there’s some obvious questions you are going to be asking yourself. What do I do if I have to send someone a thank you card for a perfect scramble? How do I invite someone to a frittata brunch? What’s the proper way to say ‘get well soon’ when someone is injured in a freak bacon frying incident?

I’m so glad PolkaDot Shop has got answers to all of these vital social etiquette dilemmas. Who could go wrong with handmade breakfast greeting cards?

And what better way to bring a little sunnyside up into someone’s day?

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Making Room

Tomorrow the boy and I are heading to the giant mega-Salvation Army store in Quakertown. Ostensibly, we’re going to go buy the makings of some Halloween costumes, but I have secret alternate motives that involve piles of cheap winter clothing.

To make room for the haul, I’ve spent the last two days going through every dresser drawer, closet and box, and stuffing garbage bags full of old stuff to be donated. It’s been sort of like a journey through time and waist sizes (When in hell did I ever fit into a size 6?).

Some of it brought back good memories, like the little tie-dye tank I wore to a music festival in probably 11th grade. Some of it…not so good (I actually wore that tiny skirt, with that top, to class???)

Much of it is in good condition, but simply no longer fits (on me, or with my lifestyle as a professional working gal). I look forward to dropping them all off…I hope they go on to make good memories for someone else!

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All the important parts

Well, if you are lucky enough to find yourself with a bottle of Wiggle’s Anjali in hand, might I recommend some coordinating accessories? This gorgeous pair of earrings by KLMJewelry reminds me of apricots, toasted almonds and turning leaves.

Put ’em together and you’re one cute dress away from a pumpkin carving party…

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Aromas to Desire

Remember my infatuation last week with the sensuous descriptions over at Wiggle Perfume?

Well, Nani shipped out my sample on the double (seriously. I got the package before the end of the week!) and was so kind as to include two scents that I was coveting! Little flasks of refreshing Jasmine-Verbana and the alluring Anjali, which I had been afraid was sold out.

The jasmine was sweet, but my vote is definitely with the Anjali. It’s a subtle mix that smells of chai, musk and ancient temples. I love the exotic flavors of coconut and clove!

The big bottle is definitely going on my wish list…

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Etsy Writing Critique #22

My coworkers are beginning to break out their red knit sweaters, so I know it must be almost “that” time of year.

So in that spirit, for this week’s writing critique let’s have a look at a sweet pair of holiday ornaments crafted by Harriet, at That Is So Cute.

While the name of her shop is certainly well reflected in these little hand-felted gifts, I think Harriet could do a better job selling them through her description. It seems to lack focus and repeat information, without really tugging at the heartstrings (or my wallet).

Let’s take a look:


Love birds? How about a pair of felted birdhouses?

I have knitted up a pair of red wool birdhouse ornaments. One roof is a winter white while the other roof is red and “thatched” with a white fun fur. They were machine felted and air dried. Once dried, I needle felted the hole and added the twig perch. They are stuffed with fiberfill.

One of these sweet birdhouses has a thatched roof (made with cream fun fur).

They are finished with coordinating ribbon that says “I Love You” to hang from.

The last picture is before they were felted!

They are about 4″ tall and about 2.5″ wide at the widest.


The first thing that jumped out at me reading this description was the “lede” (what we in the newspaper biz call the opening line). Harriet begins with two questions that left me feeling a little… eh. Maybe it’s a reporting background, but I shy away from questions in writing in general. Unless it’s a well-laid query or used as a clever rhetorical tool, the question mark can leave readers…well, wondering.

Seeing as the birdhouses are small and adorable, and they’re obviously meant as a holiday gift, I think I would open with something a little sweet and a little corny. Shoppers are probably already thinking “Awwww” when they see the ornaments, so I would push that feeling.

Harriet could also use to read through this description a second time and spot the repeat information. We can already see the “thatching” in the pictures, so there’s no need for us to read about it twice.

I’m also going to rearrange her wording just a little bit throughout. Some of her lines contain perfectly good information, but make for an awkward read. In particular, I’m concerned about “They are finished with coordinating ribbon that says “I Love You” to hang from.” I’m not the type to slap anyone on the knuckles for ending a sentence in a proposition (sometimes it just sounds right), but in this case there is an easier, more readable way to say it.

Here we go:


Winter can be a tough time for little birdies!

Take a moment to remember your feathered friends this season by celebrating with these adorable, hand-felted wool ornaments.

One sports a winter-white roof, while the other is “thatched” with a creamy fun fur. Both were hand-knit before being machine felted, air dried and stuffed with fiberfill.

I finished them off by needle felting the doorway and adding a little twig perch!

Both hang from sweet “I love you” ribbons. They measure about 4″ tall and about 2.5″ at the widest.

The last picture was taken before the knit pieces were felted.


Good luck and many happy sales to Harriet!


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Cold comfort

Well, it finally got chilly.

I grabbed my laptop tonight and hunkered on down under the covers to start a writing critique…and instead found myself drowsing off in between sneaking peeks at cozy hand-spun yarns.

So why fight it? Tonight I’ll just share this bulky, juicy wool I found on Alchemy Fibre Arts shop (from the North English country). And the perfect color for knitting on long winter days, too, when you need to be reminded that spring will come again….

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Spontaneous roadtrip….

Sorry I’m a little AWOL this weekend! You know that John Lennon song that goes, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans…”?

Today I drove a couple hundred miles, ate expensive cheese in the woods and climbed a waterfall. Hurray for great friends!

Now off to bed with me….

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