Just to let everyone know that I’m still doing okay. The doc gave me some prescription strength painkillers and a script for xrays if the pain doesn’t subside before next week. I already feel like it’s a little bit better, but I have to be careful about sitting still for too long and getting stiff!

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  1. hope you will feel better and soon be o.k.

  2. So glad you’re hanging in there despite the pain. I’m surprised the Doc didn’t want to do xrays right away to rule out anything broken.

    If you have to cough, etc., hold a pillow very snug across the hurt area. Also helps lessen the pain when getting up and down as it acts like a tourniquet. It’s easier if D holds it from behind you and pulls it snug across the affected area as you cough or get up out of a chair, etc. A nurse taught me this so let me know if it works for you too.

    Mary of Brush It On

    • Thanks Mary! I think she didn’t send me right away because the first thing I said was, “I was really in pain yesterday, but it feels a lot better today.” I wasn’t having any difficulty breathing, so she said to give it a little time.

  3. oh boy… feel better!!!!
    Ouch…hang in…
    this too shall pass!

  4. Just catching up on some blog visiting and hope you’re doing ok.

    • I’m doing great, Sharon, thanks for asking! I successfully quit my job and actually have had a lot of other opportunities land in my lap. I’m waiting for the dust to settle and to find a balance in my schedule again, but I will be blogging again soon! I’m got a TON of new pieces and designs and I’m aiming to take some pictures this week and start sharing them all with you soon!

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