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Questions, questions

When I graduated from college about four years ago, I was ready to swear off all books and classrooms.

Now I’ve had a little break in the working world and I’m thinking… is it time to get my Masters???

Hmm, hmmm….

(Awesome question mark earrings from worksandfind!)

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Not so Wired


Been doing my InDesign homework all night and I’m pooped! But I like how it’s coming out… this is the beginning of an imaginary cover for an imaginary copy of Wired. Getting each letter to have a different fill was a challenge!

And now… time to collapse!

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A little bit of everything


Boy, between opening the new shop, listing new beads, finishing my classwork, and “life” (and, oh yeah, the full time job), it sure has been hard to get in the studio for pottery.

That doesn’t mean I’m not trying, though! I’ve got some a new line of stamped soap dishes in the works! Above you can see one of my favorites just before it is going to be fired:    “I ❤ Mr. Clean”

Because don’t we all love Mr. Clean?

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In the course of opening up my bead shop, I had a number of lovely conversations with a beadweaver on Etsy and even produced a couple of custom pieces for her. Out of those conversations, I learned of the talented Etsy Beadweavers Team and offered to give team members a discount in my new shop.

Since then, I’ve been noticing more and more of the members and their work around the site. Just this week I spotted Glimmerstone, a team member who produces really stunning pieces, like the “Northern Lights” necklace pictured above. What a lot of talent there is out there!

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I’d like to be, under the sea…

This weekend I went with my dad and some friends to the Camden Aquarium. There was a long line to get in, but the weather was lovely and we didn’t mind standing out. This is my third time going and I always have such a fun time! I love watching the big tuna swim around in the auditorium size tank they have, not to mention the black-lit floor-to-ceiling tube of glowing jellyfish, or the glass tunnel through the shark tank!

I didn’t get many pictures of the indoor exhibits, because the lighting was so low, but I did get a couple shots of the seals and penguins outside! Plus, I have a brand new fishy bead to celebrate!



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Now in blue

More pretty little ring beads, this time in blue!

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New bead designs are here!


The latest beads are OUT!

And I love them! I actually like this batch even better than the first, because I branched out with some new stamps, some new shapes and some bolder designs.

I just got them out of the kiln tonight and took a whooooole lot of pictures. I thought I would have time to post a bunch on Etsy already, but the new camera is a little different from the old one, and so I spent a lot of time tonight just fiddling with buttons and settings. It’s still not quite where I would like it, but it’s working…

Given that, I’m going to post them a few at a time over the next week or two, and I’ll try to feature one or two of the new ones here on the blog as we go!

The first are these pretty little red “ring” beads. I think they would make a hot pair of earrings!

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Last night my dad and I had a big long talk about my beads, photographs and the challenges with my digital camera consuming half-a-dozen double-A batteries in every shoot.

Then today, my dad was out and about when he spotted a hot lil’ Casio camera on sale. So he got it!! I’m soooo excited.

What are dads for if not spoiling their kids, right? It’s about a third of the size of my current camera, with a screen about double the size and a long-lasting rechargeable battery. I can’t WAIT to start using it. It even has a sexy little carrying case!



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Dad’s Visiting!

After a five and a half hour drive, my dad made it to Philadelphia and we’ve been having a lovely little extended weekend together.

I took the day off from work and we had a couple of adventures trying to ship pottery (you wouldn’t believe the line at the South Philadelphia post office… the place is oppressive, dark and the line can easily take an hour or more during rush times. We eventually backed up the boxes in the car and headed for a Center City post office, where we breezed through in about five minutes).

We spent some time at a coffee shop before meeting up with D. for dinner at an incredible Spanish tapas restaurant, where we had tons of delicious food and wine, and I had the best mousse I think I’ve ever had in my life!

All in all a enjoyable day!

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