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Thanks for everyone weighing in on my bathroom wall decorations! I realized I meant to say blank wall instead of black wall, but even with my obvious need for a copy editor in the early morning, the advice I got was spot on! I purchased a couple of frames and we just need to print out the photos and see what’s going to work for us! I’ll have to post a shot when it’s done.

In the meantime, I spotted these amazing hand carved stamps from India over at Amanda James’ shop! I realized that I had a little bit of pottery sales money lingering in my paypal account…. so yup, I went ahead and bought myself a couple little presents! Can’t wait to try them out on some new pieces!

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  1. How wonderful….they are a terrific enhancement to your overall style. I can’t wait to see them on one of your pieces. Maybe even a pendant or two???
    I want a pendant from each…the leaf pendant should have the hole on the stem, not the leaf itself!

    Black wall, blank wall…..LOL, the decorating is the same when it comes to black and white photos. Be consistent with the frames and/or matting except for a touch of color on one…just don’t overdo it…it needs to be understated. Have fun!!

    Mary of Brush It On

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