One of the nicest things about coming home from Puerto Rico was that I had convinced my landlord to (finally!) take care of a lot of the problems with our bathroom while we were gone. In fact, he hired contractors to give us a complete renovation. We got a new bathtub, sink, toilet, lights….plus they had to tear apart and repair half the wall and reconstruct the floor. I’m so happy to go in there and use it now!

Now that the renovation is almost complete (just a little more paint and a couple of tiles to go), I’m thinking about how I’m going to decorate the new black wall in there. D. suggested framing some of my black and white photos, so I’m working on some from our trip and trying to decide.

Any ideas which I might use?

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  1. B&W photos would look great on a black wall. What about one color photo with something dramatic in red or yellow?

  2. Perfect!! Yes, Harriet is correct. You need a splash of color. It could be a B&W with one item in a photo that is color. It could be a B&W placed in a yellow or red frame. Or a B&W matted in yellow but in a black frame. Whatever it is, it should be on the same wall with all the other photos. It should also be small, i.e., a 4×6 red frame surrounded by 8×10 black frames. You want just a touch, not domination. LOL….have fun!!

    Mary of Brush It On

  3. Agree with a touch of color.

    Now frames… we have these great floating frames- the pictures is unmatted, just sandwiched between two glass sheets, and about an inch and a half of glass surrounds the pictures, with then just a thin line of black frame holding the whole thing together. It floats around the black & white photos beautifully, highlighting the photo rather than the frame. Plus, they were pretty cheap at Hobby Lobby.

    another question- I’m coming to NCECA, and looking for somewhere cheap to stay. I figure as a local journalist, you might have an idea about the hostels in the area- can you give me a head’s up? (thanks!)


  4. I like the third one down from the top – the door, viewed straight on. Strong graphic qualities.

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