I hope everyone had a chance to see family and be thankful this season! I’m so happy that I had a chance recently to visit my dear friends in Jersey City and spend some time with the new addition to their family, Carolina. I’m just in love with her! (I’m going to make a nice print of this photo as an early Christmas present for them…)

I was also lucky because the rain clouds parted and I got to spend most the holiday weekend outside, enjoying the sunshine and chilly air. On Saturday, D. and I hiked along the cliffs of Ralph Stover State Park. We climbed rocks, watched the  stream below and enjoyed an actual day off together. I couldn’t ask for more!

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Sneak Peek

Think I’ve haven’t got some new wares to introduce this holiday season? Think again!

Yes, I’ve got my plate over-full many areas this time ’round, but I have been finding a little time to sneak into the studio. Luckily, some things are just coming out in time to feed the shopping rush! Look out this week for some brand-spankin’-new beer steins over in my Etsy shop, like the sexy red mug, above.

I think around the holidays, many women face the question: What the heck kind of handmade gift can you really buy a man? Problem solved!


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Ever heard of a shy tomato?  Maybe it’s just a tomato waiting for it’s moment in sun (or the sauce, as it may be).

Sort of like me right now…Looking around through the lens of my camera, enveloped in my own little world…


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Got attitude?

damn soap fs

Well, this soap dish does. I don’t really know why I wrote that particular message on there – maybe tired of someone using my expensive bath products in the shower?

Either way, I rather like it. A soap dish for those of us who are righteous and grumpy in the morning…

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