Sunny Skies

Have I been out of touch? Maybe just a bit! But in my defense, I’ve been zooming about in planes and boats and automobiles (no trains….yet….)

I hope everyone had a fabulous holidays! I know I did. They were plenty busy, and included lots of covering awkward shifts at work, but that’s what you get being the junior person on the totem pole. But all was well on New Year’s Day, when D. and I boarded an airplane and made off to sunny Puerto Rico! We got tans, ate lots of fish and plantains, visited an awesome old fort and even got to swim with phosphorescent plankton!

I’ll try to post pictures throughout the week as we settle back into our routines…oh, plus I’ve got some great holiday craft gifts to share (couldn’t talk about those until the giving).

Did anybody else go anywhere fun over the past few weeks? Do share!

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  1. Welcome Back!! LOL…I was beginning to wonder where you were and was hoping it was someplace fun….and it was!!! Your trip sounds like just the break you needed as your life is always so busy. Can’t wait to see the treasures you have to share.

    Me????? Stayed home, prepared my first Christmas and New Year’s dinner in my newly remodeled kitchen!! Bought an RV!! Painted custom order items. Enjoyed the company of my hubby and four Poms…..loved every minute!! 🙂

    Mary of Brush It On

    • Glad to hear your kitchen is finally done, Mary! That’s been going on for a while!

  2. Hey welcome back! So cool to hear about your trip and looks gorgeous! Happy New Year!

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