Sunny Skies

Have I been out of touch? Maybe just a bit! But in my defense, I’ve been zooming about in planes and boats and automobiles (no trains….yet….)

I hope everyone had a fabulous holidays! I know I did. They were plenty busy, and included lots of covering awkward shifts at work, but that’s what you get being the junior person on the totem pole. But all was well on New Year’s Day, when D. and I boarded an airplane and made off to sunny Puerto Rico! We got tans, ate lots of fish and plantains, visited an awesome old fort and even got to swim with phosphorescent plankton!

I’ll try to post pictures throughout the week as we settle back into our routines…oh, plus I’ve got some great holiday craft gifts to share (couldn’t talk about those until the giving).

Did anybody else go anywhere fun over the past few weeks? Do share!

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Road Trippin’


Last weekend D. and I hopped in a car and took a two night trip covering at least three states, four boroughs of New York and visiting large numbers of family and friends along the way.

The ride culminated in a picturesque evening at a mansion in Princeton, N.J., where one of D.’s painter friends was having an art event. There was huge paintings along every wall, fancy catered tidbits, snow around the courtyard pool and plenty of wine and friends. It’s hard to think of any good description for it, besides lovely.

When the opening wound down, the party began. Those of us who were hardy and young stayed up late, raiding the fridge, talking and generally making mischief and having a wonderful time. But the nicest part of my night was when D. slipped away into the other room and snuck back with a beautiful flower for me, pilfered from one of the huge arrangements (“They won’t notice,” he said).

Not only has it stayed open and beautiful for several days now, but it is filling my apartment with the most amazing strong fragrance.  Every time I walk in the door and get a whiff of it, it’s a reminder of sweetness, friends and happy times….

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Partial Packing List

– Binoculars

– Sleeping bag

– Two notebooks

– Five pens

– 20 pencils for when the ink freezes in the pens

– Every pair of wool socks known to man

– Long underwear

– Peruvian Llama-hair gloves

– Self-warming shoe inserts

– Wool hat

– Awesome compass, hand-carved by WoodElements, which I would totally bring if I owned it!


Hmmm…am I going to an inauguration or spelunking?

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Happy Turkey Day!

Well, things went more or less according to schedule, minus a little late breaking news and about 40 minutes spent on the tarmac at PHL. But I’m home now in chilly Upstate New York, and there’s some fresh pie on the counter (yum! I should start making pottery pie pans!).

I’m going to take the day off tomorrow (today?), so hope you all have a wonderful holiday. I know I personally have lots to be thankful for this year. And some of it starts with “p” ends with “e” and has an “i” in the middle!

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

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Blood and Gold

These earrings by Indiayaluna are so evocative, I could probably sit here all night waxing poetic about the sunset and the desert… But I’ll spare you.

Instead, I’ll just let nature do the job for me:

P.S. That’s Botswana, and I’ve been there, and yes, it really is that beautiful…

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These amazing earrings are made by Polish artist Olga C., who I picked today in honor of my little brother, who is in Poland right now on a study abroad semester. Aren’t they incredible? Check out her shop, it’s one stunning piece after another.

My little bro just sent me a funny story about his trip, which I’m going to share with you (whether you like it or not!). A friend of his got tickets to see a USA vs. Poland soccer match (that’s football, to the rest of the world) in Krakow last week. They decided to go all-out, and dress up in red, white and blue and bring a huge American flag. But, to their surprise, they were the only five Americans there in a stadium full of thousands of Poles. But they did their best to represent and cheer for our team (who actually won!), and everyone thought they were pretty funny. So much so, in fact, that they caught the eye of the local news media and my brother wound up both on television and on the sports section of the major Krakow newspaper!!

You can watch the video of the game with a cutaway of him and his friends cheering (he’s on the left, wearing a hat).

I’m so happy he’s safe and well and having fun. And this year he officially can say he’s been to more continents then me. Damn.

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Hawk Mountain

I’m going to be gone for a day – I’m taking a little trip to go hiking on Hawk Mountain. The weather is predicted to be cold, rainy and windy. Yikes! Wish me luck…

While I’m out, I’ll leave you to contemplate this amazing sketch of a hawk, from MichelleSM. She actually takes a clay board, covered in India ink, and scratches away the image. I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’m going to see one of these lovelies tomorrow!

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